Acripoli srl is a company founded in 1990 by the current partners, with over 40 years of experience in the field of plastics processing. Our policy is based on the principle of technology innovation, aimed at improving quality, prices and the fields covered by our products. Every year, new machinery, software and new-generation energy sources are introduced, to improve our work to its widest extents, while designing the future and protecting the environment.

We mainly work at the request of our customers, creating any detailed elements in the field of thermoformed, laser-polished, heat-or-cold-bent, silkscreen-printed, or cut-to-length plastic. With our products, we can cover almost every field of the industry by adapting to every situation and circumstance, thanks to our experience, our equipment and our productive skills.

• Design/technical office, equipped with 3D scanner and latest generation CAD/CAM software

• Entire sheets or cut-to-length sale

• Sheets thermoforming - printing

• CNC-Mechanical cutting with 3 or 5 axes

• Laser cutting

• CO2 laser inscription

• Heat or cold bending

• Glueing and detail finishing

• Cars - Motorcycles - Campers - Caravans - Trucks - Ambulances

• Earthmoving Machines

• Carters and protections for the industrial field

• Lighting - Furnishing - Ornamental Accessories

• Medical - Alimentary - Coffee Machines